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Hey Lady, a new and timely note for you. I want to check-in on you. How are you doing? How are you weathering this storm? Do you trust your heart in your business and listening to Its call? In a post I wrote last year, “Hey Lady, Checking In On You” I shared lessons and thoughts on navigating crisis moments in life. I wrote about those moments when the shit hits the fan and everything feels out of control. As creative entrepreneurs in those times we have many choices and decisions to make. Currently we sure do, in this time as it is on a collective and global scale.

We are in a sh** storm that we never could have imagined in our lives. Could we? I could not.

When life runs us over with a bulldozer what happens, how do you handle it? Do you retreat and isolate? Are you the type to dig in deep and determined? Will you reach out for support or go it alone? And here's one for ya, do you react in the way that we have always known yourselves to process? No matter the answers to these questions, the most important thing I feel for you to remember in this time is that there is no right or wrong.

No right or wrong, just be you.

We may not know how to be right now. Ya know what – I do not know how to be some days. This process for me thus far has felt like the grieving process. One day I vaguely recognized this familiar feeling and pattern that had been cocooned away, like some of us (I raise my hand) do to those more challenging or traumatic times in life. There it was, the familiar emotions of grief. Various stages of confusion, doubt, denial, commitment to persevere, depression. Not in any particular order. Yet, I noticed the cycle I have been through before. I remember first learning about these at age 23 when my father died.

I am not a doctor and this information is solely from my past experience and in a hope that I can help you feel less alone if you are feeling any of these same feelings I have had.

The Kübler-Ross model outlines five stages of grief as follows: (more information about Kubler-Ross on this Wikapedia page:






Tune-in and trust your heart in your business

Here's what I do know about how we get through this.

We continually make an effort
tune In,
make art,
practice kindness and gratitude,
breath in and breath out,
find joy and laughter,
Share love.
Share love.
Whereever possible, share love.
Continually tapping into and touching those parts of ourselves that give us life from deep within – and then using the resources you connect with to give to others in that special unique way that only YOU can. That is how we will get through this. Minute by minute, each and every one of us being true to ourselves

This holds true for your business and your entrepreneurial ventures as well as how we live this day to day quarantined life. It's okay to move forward in business. The world needs you now more than ever. Dig deep, listen to your inner divine and listen to what you heart says is right and authentic for you at this time. Then, go do that.

2020 – 2022 Message: Keep holding on, we have to stick together.

patty rose - Covid19: How can I help during this unexpected time? (Steps to List Building & Email Automation)

Hold tight, we are in for quite a ride. And in the meantime, please know, I am here to support you.

Stay Healthy and Well,

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