You Found Your Why, Now What?

by | June 20, 2019 | Online Business, Share

We already know our ‘Why’…

is your Passion + Values + Skills – If you haven’t found your why yet check out our previous blog post (How to Find Your Why). For me it is Making the world a better place to live and work + friendships and community + marketing opportunity

My WHY is working with businesses to find the opportunities to have a positive impact on their communities. Which is why I focus on growing brands with a purpose in my business – Biz in Bloom.

How you do what you do is what differentiates you!

The to ask yourself is, WHAT makes your different?

I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line Jeanine@bizinbloom or stop over to my FaceBook Page. I’d love to get to know more about you!

Jeanine Polizzi

Chief Clarity Officer | Educator + Author + Entrepreneur

Jeanine Polizzi is a Strategy Deviser, Marketing Professor and Brand Advocate.  For over 15 years she has been transforming businesses by giving them the tools to understand, leverage and communicate the competitive advantage of their brands. Jeanine’s passion is working with companies to make a difference both in the communities in which they operate and around the world.  Jeanine’s business..

[Friendly Disclaimer: I may be an affiliate of products, services and programs I recommend. If you chose to do business with these companies, I may get a small commission. Rest assured, I only recommend products and services that I have first hand knowledge or a positive experience with.]

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