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Fresh Start

Fresh Start – Can we have a New Years Day feeling every week?

If we believe that what is in the past is in the past and the future holds the keys to all of our dreams and desires, Then, yes! I do believe we can create a Fresh Start and have a New Years Day feeling every week.

fresh start

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Today, I will take you through some sure fire methods to set you up for your week with a fresh start and a New Years kind of feel!

Due multiple profound family losses this past few months, I have been making a strong effort to focus on and talk with you about acceptance and appreciation. You can read last weeks, “Creative Self Empowerment Solutions to Appreciating Life” blog post here.

With that focus in mind, let's move forward to planning the new week with a fresh clear start and a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to what you can create and achieve!

Have fun with this one and come back and let me know how it went. While it's great to do this for personal as well as business – today our focus is on business for Creative Entrepreneurs. Here is my exact process for setting up. I do this full process anytime I need a fresh start and feel the need for a clean slate, and I do some version of it each and every week to plan for success, to re-align and to be focused on what is most important to achieve.

Play Music:

Music is one of my favorite gifts in the world. Play music, whatever you are in the mood for. It will help you FEEL what is inside. It will help you connect to the emotion of what it is your body and spirit want you to know. You can't pick the wrong thing. Just pick some music and let it fill your space for you.

Get Into Your Body:

How you approach this may change day to day. Some days this will mean actually MOVING your body, dancing, working out, walking, jumping around silly, to get your juices flowing. Other days, you may need to close your eyes, sit still and ask your body what it needs for you to know, listen to what it would like for you to process, and let it flow gently and freely. There is no wrong or right way here. Just follow the lead – your body will tell you what to do.

Pen to Paper:

Part 1: Old school it – Pen in hand, blank sheet under your nose, WAIT. Wait. wait. you many have to wait and you may feel great resistance. Just wait. Then, once you are moved. write, write, write. Fee journal and let it all out.

Part 2: Take Stock of all you accomplished last week. Take inventory on what worked and what didn't, list out all and give yourself credit for all you did last week. Can you believe what a Wonder Women you were?  

There is no right or wrong way to write. Just put the pen to paper and let it flow out.

Inspired Priority:

From your list circle items you accomplished that lit you up inside. Circle the ones you are most proud of. Then, highlight the top three. Use THESE to begin your plan for the following week. We all have the to-do tasks that are mundane and required for everyday living. But, THIS list is the one that your heart will determine for you. When we prioritize based on what inspires us, the path becomes more clear and and easier to follow. When finding inspiration – guess what – there is no wrong way, your way is THE way, the best way, the only way.

Clear Space for the New:

Clean up and clear out any old paper work or lingering tasks from last week that can distract you or get in the way of your focus. Declutter your desks, clean out your pen jar, set up your workspace, in an effort to allow the energy to flow freely with little distractions. Uniquely you, create your space in a way that makes you feel joy. Of course, you can't get it wrong, it's to your design.

Did you notice a common thread here? Did you see that no matter HOW you do this, is the right way to do it? Give yourself permission to make the time and space to nurture your mind-body-spirit and simply let the rest flow. You deserve that time to yourself.

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Inspiration is Everywhere!

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