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How to Get Traffic to Your Online Business

How to get traffic to your online business it Does this sound familiar to you? You stroll past a shop, peak in the window, and something grabs your attention. You become curious and you like what you see. So, what do you do? You take a step inside, of course. You browse, you look, you […]

5 Bucks a Day: A Quick Easy Read You’ll Love

Every now and then, I come across something that is so fantastic, so wonderful, so enjoyable, that I want to shout it from the rooftop and share it with everyone. Here is my SHOUT! This little easy to read, inexpensive, inspirational ebook is so jam packed it's a must have for your reading library. After reading […]

Getting Started with a Website

Years ago, the internet was used primarily for big businesses. Today the world wide web is used in many homes and by all walks of life around the world. I liken having a webpage to having a business card. These days it is a must. In this post I'll help you navigate getting started with […]

Dream List

What's a Dream List? Let's have some fun! I remember the first time I wrote out a list of qualities, my dream list of I wanted to find in a guy. It was long, very long. But, I went through the recommended task (from a book I was reading at the time) and I continued […]

A Rinse and Repeat Go-To for Success

The Inspiration System Express Recently, at my “Specular” Event, I shared the Express Version of my new, step by step program, The Inspiration System. It's a rinse and repeat go-to for success every time you need to get something accomplished. This process is one that you can use in any area of your life or […]

Life’s Whispers… Are you listening?

The Friday before my Spectacular 2015 Event I was literally running around with a frenetic type energy trying to get everything done. I had one idea after the next in the planning, and I wanted to find a way to make it all happen. That idea generator in me teams up with the persistent side […]

How Do You Reset Your Business?

Magic Monday – Do you have a reset? Hi Ladies!! I am going to keep this one super short and sweet.But, this is super important and I hope I can help you take a breath and add some creativity and inspiration to your business today. I've been very fortunate the past week to be traveling […]

Ignite Business with a Change of Plans

Ignite Business? Here's how my Magic Monday change in plans helped. Today I was gifted with an unexpected break between appointments. I thought for a moment should I go home or should I hang around and wait it out? While I chose the later mostly out of convenience to not go back and forth, I […]