Do you ever suffer from Technology Overwhelm?

Do you ever suffer from Technology Overwhelm?

Do you know that feeling of excitement when yout are about to go out and offer your program or service? The feeling when the fire that gets ignited because you have a glimpse of all you can create in your business when you share your incredible gifts with the world? And then, BAM! You get hit with technology overwhelm! and the feeling shifts to one of overwhelm, discouragement, and defeat? Ugh, the time it takes to figure out all the working pieces + the trial and error process can really stop a girl in her tracks!

If you are feeling stuck, confused or overwhelmed read on this post may have your solutiong. Sometimes the thing we need most is help with the TECHNOLOGY of sharing your SERVICE or product, knowing what TOOLS to USE, undertstanding what STEPS to TAKE first, and learning HOW to IMPLEMENT getting your offer out there.

Techie Butt Kicker Session

technology-overhwhelmI would like to invite you to a 90 -minute, “Techie Butt Kicker Session” is designed to help you eliminate technology overwhelm so you can get your offers out quickly and effieciently – and therefore bring in money and sales, and grow your business.

I get it!

When I started 10 years ago, I had a small budget, and lots of questions. Lucky for me, I had the a little unknown love for technology. I pushed through all the trial and error and at times I wondered if I could figure it all out. The good news for you is that, I did figure it out. So much so that I build a business around helping my clients elimiate technology overwhelm with step by step ahnd holding process and education. It's the one thing I didn't have that I continually wished for. Therefore, I want to provide that for you!

This is a 1:1 private, hand-holding overwhelm abolisher!

In this 90 minutes, You and I will look at what you want to offer, get clear on the immediate purpose, map out how to implement it + what technology is needed, determine which of those you can do on your own and which you may need to hire help for…AND… when possible – implement on the spot!

All this puts YOU in the driver’s seat + empowers you to run your online business more effectively and efficiently, AND will FAST TRACK you to getting your services and offers out + money coming in.

Here's what we can do together during your 1:1 90-minute session to eliminate technology overwhelm:

Together, we will:

  • Clarify your most immediate offer to promote so we can move ahead quickly.
  • Determine the best tools and software for delivery for YOUR offer (it may be a plugin, a calendar tool, a pay link, a sales page, an autoresponder, an optin integration, amazon S3, etc) so you know what's needed.
  • We’ll go over options + I will help you make specific decisions customized to your offer to eliminate any choice confusion.
  • Map out the plan for the funnel process (from pay link to your deliverables) giving you a solid foundation.
  • Begin to IMPLEMENT with screen share training on any of the technology needed (on the spot teaching or done for you when possible within the time allowed) so you can cross things off your list.
  • Create your “Logical Next Steps” plan of action for you to follow and refer to over and over.
  • Kick Overwhelm in the Butt! Because it just feels good!

After this session you will:

  • Feel in control of the technology for your offer
  • Re-Ignite your excitement for how this techie stuff can uplevel your business
  • Be empowered to follow this process anytime you want to put something out
  • Get sh** done by implementing on the spot (as much as possible)
  • Fast track your offer from an idea in your mind to a reality that brings in $$
  • Have confidence + clarity + a plan of action

The investment is only $127! Are you ready to kick technology overwhelm in the butt?

–>>PLUS<<– As a bonus you will also get a very special discounted rate for my Done For You services for any work that you can not do on your own and may need additional help with. You will gain access to my team and I + we will have your project completed before the end of 2016 at a super VIP client rate!

I have opened space for 10 women who resonates with this. Take advantate today so you can grab your Hands-on, Private, 90-minute “Techie Overwhelm Butt Kicker. ABOLISH TECHNOLOGY OVERWHELM and finally get your offer out there now.

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Step 2: deliverables, dates and bulk create – 7 Steps to Achieve Blogging Success System

Step 2: Decide on deliverables, dates and bulk create – 7 Steps to Achieve Blogging Success System: Step

How did it go? Did you read and follow Step 1? You can view it anytime here.

Decide on deliverables:

There are many ways to curate content for your blog; writing, video, audio, images are all good mediums to use. I have two ways of determining which ones to use.

I recommend you use a combination of them and once you have your posts created you can do just that by re-purposing them in many ways (coming up in step 6). For now, here's a simple way to decide on what one to use on a regular basis for your blogging plan. Ask yourself what you are most comfortable using. The best route to consistency will be to start with something that doesn't make you cringe or scare the “bleep” out of you. Yes, I know video gets high ranking and loads of street cred. It's an amazing way to go. However, if you can't stand being in front of the camera or the editing process makes you nuts or your learning curve will take a few months or you have to spend money on equipment… well, you know what can happen…you won't blog! So, start with the thing you are most comfortable with and make a plan around that for now. You can and will continue to evolve so start with the low hanging fruit – what do you enjoy, what can you do with ease, what will support you in getting it done?

Decide on dates:

The next piece is to plan. How many days a week or month will you take the time to blog? The blogging process can take time and consistency is key. So, look at your calendar and the number of posts you have in your blog series. Will you post once a day, once a week, twice a month? The more the better, but the same goes for this as with the deliverables – being realistic will support you to getting it done All things will evolve and grow with you and your business. Again, the key is consistency, he search engines like to see consistency and your readers will come enjoy your regularly scheduled posts. You can always start off with a lower commitment and add to it over time.

Bulk Create:
This is one of my favorite solutions to creation. It's probably due to my having a creative approach to everything I do, when the ideas hit, they hit hard and I like to curate several pieces of content at once. I prefer to sit and write or set up the camera and record video by doing several in row. I find with this approach, you can start to get ahead of the schedule and focus on other areas of the business. Mind you, it is not fail proof. Sometimes you just need to do your post for tomorrow and get it out – it happens. However, bulk creating will help relieve that pressure.

With all of the above mentioned , the most important is to be true to you. Take into consideration your personal creative flow, your schedule and your preferences. Make sharing your ideas something you enjoy and your blogging will be easier and flow more freely than you ever could have expected.

Stay tuned for Step 3.

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose


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Step 1: Choose a Topic for a Series – 7 Steps to Achieve Blogging Success System

7 Steps to Achieve Blogging Success System:  Step 1:

  1. Choose a topic for a series

Simple enough, right?

Before we get into the action items for choosing your topic, let's go over a few thoughts about what this topic should mean to you. Hang in there for a minute because this might seem a little woo-woo, believe me, it will be worth it.

Blogging is not something that comes without dedication, time, energy and thought. It also happens to require consistency and a certain level of commitment (which we will discuss more in Step 2).  So, & here's the woo-woo, you MUST feel a connection to the content you choose to create. You need to have some part of you that loves talking about, creating, and sharing this part of your knowledge and your business. It's just won't be worth it to set yourself up for something you don't enjoy. While we go into the next few steps, keep that in mind and your process will be smoother and easier than you would have thought. Promise. 🙂

Here is your action list for choosing a topic for your blog:

Start with a brainstorm / brain dumb, an unedited list of possibilities answering these questions:

  • What information can you share (write, video, audio) that would be interesting and valuable to your readers?
  • What monthly themes or trends apply in your business?
  • What do you find yourself talking about with clients that you most enjoy? (You know those conversations when you just forgot the time was going by?)
  • What topics are trending in current times?
  • What can you share that will remain evergreen and will be as valuable a year from now as it is today?
  • Is this a topic that can be monetized?
  • Are you passionate about it?

(Cheat Cheat: For example – my own current Theme is Sharing Simple Systems to make my clients lives easier. This first topic on blogging will consist of 8 blog posts. My next topic series is Website Blue Print Workshop for beginners. Make sense?)


Prioritize those topics to come up with 3 Themes and 5 topics for each theme.

Now THAT's a series.

Stay Tuned for Step 2.

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose


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7 Steps to Achieve Blogging Success System

7 Steps to Achieve Blogging Success System:


This is my system for taking the pain out of blogging. Follow theses steps to get your self blogging and sharing content on a regular basis. If you are tech savvy, entrepreneurial, beginner, this will be a great place for you to start.
  1. Choose a topic for a series
  2. Decide on deliverables, dates and then bulk create.
  3. Upload and make it look nice.
  4. Create your CTA's
  5. Automate publishing for consistency
  6. Re-purpose (over and over and over)
  7. Share links, images, content and drive traffic
Simple enough, right?
If you're thinking ah -not! Don't worry. I'll be breaking down each one of these steps for you in a blog series of my own. You'll be able to learn from the steps, see them in action and most importantly – implement them for your business.

Ready to get started? See Step 1 here.

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose


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Starting Your Own Online Business

Starting Your Own Online Business – Website Done Today Series

Hi, I’m Patty Rose. Here’s a question I get asked from clients all the time when they are thinking about bringing their business online and it goes like this.

Where do I start?

This is a really understandable question. Coming online and bringing your business onto the Internet can be quite overwhelming and daunting for many and I’m here to help you navigate the process.

My answer to the question ‘where do I start’ is twofold.

  1. Start with a Website

There are many choices, social networking, email marketing, article marketing. There are so many different things you can do to market your company online, but I want you to start with your hub with building your website.

Part two is I want you before you even take a step to—

  1. List out a clear, defined, purpose your website will have

Will it be to capture leads, to share something about yourself with your community, to sell a product or a service? In many businesses it will be a combination of things, which is perfectly fine, but you need to have that clarity of what the purpose of your website will be so that you can build a foundation properly. From there you will grow out and have all of the other resources coming back to you and your website where you business can grow and flourish.

So come on over to where I have a series of videos for you answering questions just like this one, as well as a blueprint. Simple step-by-step follow and click instructions so you can get your website for your business done today.

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose


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Do You Need A Blog

Don't You Need A Blog? – Website Done Today Series

Hi, I’m Patty Rose. I have a question that I get asked all the time by my clients when I’m helping them get their websites for their businesses up and running and it goes like this.

Do I really have to have a blog? I don’t want a blog. I’m not a writer. I don’t want to do video. I don’t how to blog. I’m not a blogger.

My answer is to Do you need a blog is – Yes, you must have a blog and here’s why.

Blogs are what give your static website life and this is only if you have your blog in the same location as your website, which is the only time I say yes, it’s a must. So using certain platforms, like the ones that I recommend, you can have your blog in the same place as what used to be a static website.

Where everything on your home page, about page and sales page pretty much stays steady, your blog page has new, fresh, content coming to it every day. But for the question ‘do you have to have a blog’, my answer is yes. I want you to set up your website with a blog attached. There are platforms that allow this and the next few videos will get into a little bit more of the why and the how to do that.

So come on over to This is Patty Rose and I’ll see you over there.

To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose


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Website Done Today Video Series

Website Done Today Video Series

Website Done Today video series will answer the questions you need to get started. This is the introduction of the video series.

Hi, I’m Patty Rose. I’ve put together a series of videos for you to help you navigate the process of getting your website and your business online. Everyone knows the Internet is a vitally important component to doing business, growing your business and your community, yet many entrepreneurs are completely overwhelmed by the process, which is so very understandable.

This series of videos will answer the questions that I get asked all the time from my clients who are looking to grow their business and take the next step and have an online presence and a website.

So come by where you can see this series of videos, as well as follow a step-by-step blueprint that I’ve put together for you that you can simply click and take action and have your website done today. Come on over to I’m Patty Rose and I will see you over there.

To Your Inspired Success!
Patty Rose


Web Traffic

How to Get Traffic to Your Online Business

How to get traffic to your online business it

Does this sound familiar to you?

You stroll past a shop, peak in the window, and something grabs your attention. You become curious and you like what you see. So, what do you do? You take a step inside, of course. You browse, you look, you check the pricing for the items you are interested in and if all goes to your liking….Yep, you guessed it. You buy.

On the flip side, this is your client. This is the customer you want. This is the person you want to invite back to visit your shop again. But, the first step is to get them to walk past the shop. How do you get them to walk past your store? How do you get traffic to your business? AND, how does this translate to doing business online?

This is a typical scenario to an offline business and the shop on Main Street. But, what many online business owners have trouble with is getting this to happen for their online business. You may have a website that offers service based coaching, an e-commerce store, or perhaps you sell your own digital products.

While offline business marketing has been around for decades, entrepreneurs with online businesses can get lost finding the best solution to getting traffic to their websites. This because there are so many possible options all with varying prices.

To get you started, I'm getting ready to publish my upcoming series of blog posts on driving traffic to your website. I'll be sharing a few free  and low cost methods that are popular to many online businesses entrepreneurs.

To Your Inspired Success!
Patty Rose

5 bucks a day, dennis becker

5 Bucks a Day: A Quick Easy Read You’ll Love

Every now and then, I come across something that is so fantastic, so wonderful, so enjoyable, that I want to shout it from the rooftop and share it with everyone.

Here is my SHOUT!

This little easy to read, inexpensive, inspirational ebook is so jam packed it's a must have for your reading library. After reading 5 Bucks a Day, Jr. by Dennis Becker and I was very, very (did I say very?) inspired.

In it, Dennis lays out a system he created for his online business success. It came to him as an “Ah-ha” moment and changed his life. His system is now changing the lives of so many business minded entrepreneurs working to build additional income on the internet.

5 bucks a day, dennis becker
One of my favorite aspects of the book, is Dennis Becker's authentic telling of his struggles with internet marketing. It's quite refreshing when someone is brave enough to tell the truth, one that so many have experienced as well.

There are many so called “gurus” online that are not necessarily telling you the truth (not all but many). This book talks about these messages, and shares a simple yet powerful message to help you get out of the page shuffling, web surfing, chasing your tail lack of productivity.

The result is a system that teaches FOCUS, time effective, efficient method to your success.
I guess you can tell, I highly recommend you check out the 5 Buck a Day ebook. It's an absolute steel and less than the cost of breakfast, and you can read it in a few days!

Here's to inspiring you to take the control you KNOW you have within you, make the changes you want to see and realize the success for your online business.

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To Your Inspired Success!

Patty Rose